05 - 24 - 2017 Mezic research group presents its research at SIAM Conference on applied dynamical systems!

In the SIAM conference on applied dynamical systems, held at Snowbird, experts and researchers from all over the world presented their recent findings in the area of applied mathematics and nonlinear dynamics. The Mezi\'c research group from UCSB also had a strong presence by unveiling their most recent discoveries centered around Koopman-operator theoretic treatment of complex phenomena and data-driven modeling of the high-dimensional systems:


Igor Mezic, "Extensions of Koopman Operator Theory: Stochastic Dynamical Systems and Partial Differential Equations",

Ryan Mohr, "Koopman spectrum for cascaded systems",

Hassan Arbabi, "Computation of Koopman spectrum in complex flows",

Nithin Govindarajam, "A toolbox for computing spectral properties of dynamical systems",

Allan Avilla, "Analysis of Freeway Traffic Using Koopman Operator Methods".