Principle Investigator

Professor Mezić works on operator-theoretic methods in nonlinear dynamical systems and control theory and their applications in fluid dynamics, energy efficient design and operations and complex systems dynamics.  

Research Scientist

Ervin Kamenar is a researcher in mechatronics, soft robotics, precision engineering and energy harvesting. He works on a pneumatic soft robot arm project and Koopman operator theory.

Graduate Student Researcher

Michael received his B.S. and M.S. in aerospace engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He currently works on the application of Koopman Mode Decomposition to optimal control and soft robotics.
Alan received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2018 and joined the Mezić research group in the winter of 2020. Alan is currently developing methods using machine learning to characterize the spectral properties of the Koopman operator. Alan also works on the modelling and control of nonlinear dynamical systems for soft robotics. 

Gowtham joined the Mezic group in Winter 2018. His work focuses on numerical aspects of Koopman operator theory.
Mathias Wanner graduated from Villanova University in 2018 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He will be finishing his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UCSB in Summer 2020 before continuing for his Ph.D. Mathias joined the Mezic research group in 2019. As an undergraduate Mathias has done research in number theory through the NSF REU program. He is currently working on Koopman operator theory for random dynamical systems and new dynamic mode decomposition algorithms used to model those systems. Outside the lab, Mathias is an avid golfer, and also enjoys sailing and fishing.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Steven Nguyen is an undergraduate junior in UC Santa Barbara’s Mechanical Engineering program. He joined the Mezic research group in the spring of 2022 and is working on designing an extendable soft robotic arm controlled with pneumatic muscles. Outside of the lab, Steven plays tennis and trombone and enjoys rock climbing.
Name Current location
Allan Avila Aimdyn Inc.
Ljuboslav Boskić
Milan Korda

Post-Doctoral Researcher 2016-2018

Ryan Mohr Aimdyn Inc.
Corbinian Schlosser
Zach Zimmerman
Sophie Loire

PhD 2008, Post-Doc 2008-2014

Ecorithm, Inc.
Emir Yasun
Hassan Arbabi

PhD 2013-2018

Nithin Govindarajan
Marin Sigurdson

Project Scientist 2012-2015

Innovative Micro Technology (IMT)
Bryan Eisenhower

PhD 2009, Post-Doc 2009-2015

Center for Energy Efficient Design, UCSB
Michael Georgescu

PhD 2014

Ecorithm, Inc.
Blane Rhoads

PhD 2014

Mentor Graphics
Alexandre Mauroy

Post-Doc 2011-2013

University of Luxembourg
Paul Kauffmann

Post-Doc 2010-2013

Marko Budisic

PhD 2012, Post-Doc 2012-2013

Clarkson University
Gunjan Thakur

PhD 2011, Post-Doc 2011-2012

Harvard University
Peter Herbert

MSc 2012

Mathematica Policy Research
Erika Eskenazi

Undergrad Researcher

Ecorithm, Inc.
Alice Hubenko

Post-Doc 2007-2012

Yoshihiko Susuki

Post-Doc 2008-2010

Kyoto University
Maud-Alix Mader

Post-Doc 2008-2010

George Mathew

PhD 2006, Post-Doc 2008-2010

George Gilmore

MSc 2009

Yueheng Lan

Post-Doc 2007-2009

Tsinghua University
Symeon Grivopoulos

Post-Doc 2005-2009

University of New South Wales
Stefano Rosa

Undergrad Researcher 2008

Caroline Cardonne

Lab Assistant 2008

Frederick Bottausci

Post-Doc 2008

Thomas John

PhD 2007

Mark Zielke

MSc 2006

Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
Dmitri Vainchtein

Post-Doc 2005

Temple University
Zoran Levnajić

MSc 2005

University of Novo mesto
Umesh Vaidya

PhD 2004

University of Iowa
Gregory Hagen

PhD 2001

Pratt & Whitney
Domenico D’Alessandro

PhD 1999, co-advised with Mohammed Dahleh

Iowa State University